D-Date Schedule

Authors with accepted abstract are expected to prepare a 5-minute presentation during the colloquium.  Each abstract will be allocated in one of four sessions.  The sessions will be announced a week before the event.

Clinical and Social Studies on HealthEconomy, Law and Regulations

Time Agenda
Room O-412 Room O-308
07.30 Registrasi
08.00 Pembukaan  –
08.05  Menyanyikan lagu Indonesia Raya  –
08.10  Sambutan Ketua Panitia  –
08.15 Sambutan perwakilan QUT: Dr. Connie Susilawati  –
08.25 Sambutan Duta Besar RI untuk Australia*
09.00 Pentas angklung
09.10 Photo session
09.20 Morning tea + registration ends
Parallel Talks and Discussion Session I
   Clinical and Social Studies on Health  Economy, Law and Regulations
10.00 A Review of the Healthy Effects of Soy Foods Containing Isoflavones for ER-positive Breast Cancer Patients (Andre Tanzil)  A Will To Kill: A Single Case Study of Indonesian Homicide Case (Ahmad Deri Musliawan, Irma Rosalinda and Herdiyan Maulana)
10.06  Cytotoxicity and Anti-metastatic Potential of some Indonesian Medicinal Plants in Breast Cancer Cell Line (Retno Murwantia, Nanda Rysa Permata Putria, Ni’mah Rifka Hanum, Muhammad Seftian, Ruth Michelle Elizabeth OW., Rizka Maulanab) Examining The Effectiveness of Regulation and Supervision on Integrated Corporate Governance for Financial Conglomerates in Indonesia (Tony)
10.12  Genistein with Modified PEG-PLGA Nanoparticles Conjugated Antibody Anti-IL6 as Anticancer Agent in White Rats (Rattus novergicus) OSCC-induced Wistar Strain (Azimah Nurin Nafilah, Yolanda Aulia Hapsari) A Histology of Government Accounting Development in Indonesia: Colonisation and Post-colonisation Era. (Nitri Mirosea)
10.18  Ematuca: Potency of Nano-spray Euchema Cottonii and Ulva lactuca L. as Innovative Solution on Diabetic Foot Wound in Indonesia (Ni Putu Ayu Linda Permitasaria and Nanda Rysa Permata Putria) Judicial Analysis of Credit Card Issuer’s Liability to Compensate the Consumers in Connection with Merchant’s Default in Comparison with the Law of The United Kingdom (Yeremia Hardiawan Karaprianto)
10.24 Routinely Collected Data in Healthcare: Alternative Way to Improve Healthcare Provision in Indonesia (Rifani Bhakti Natari) Legal review on the Effectiveness of Unregistered Industrial Design System in the Protection of Industrial Design ( Ruslinda Dwi Wahyuni)
10.30  Pregnant Women’s Factor toward Mother to-Child Transmission of HIV Practice Within the Region of Public Health Center of Campurejo, Kediri City in Period March 21-27, 2017 (Jeanny Adriyanti, Enggar Saraswati, Firman Arief) Mainstreaming Building Regulations into Spatial Planning ( Prananda Navitas)
10.36  Discussion Discussion
Parallel Talks and Discussion Session II
Apps and Technology Lifestyle and Culture
11.00 Artificial Living: Designing a more “natural” artificial-social interaction (Dennys Patera Linggar) Singleness, Social Support, and Religiosity in a Context of Rapid Modernization: An Indonesian Case(Karel Karsten Himawan, Matthew Bambling and Sisira Edirippulige)
11.06 Calibration and Validation of MIKE FLOOD for Urbanised Catchment (I Putu Gustave Suryantara Pariatha) Siwaliparriq: Answering the 21st Century Gender Inequality Issue with Local Tradition (Muhammad Buana)
11.12 Sky Walk Farming And Interactive Space : The Application Of Urban Farming In Urban Area As A Media For Improving Economic Quality, Environmental Education, And City Reforestation (Fredy Mahendra and Dwi Andriansyah) The Influence of Perceived Work-life Balance on Turnover Intention Among Working Mother in Jakarta and Yogyakarta (Yustia Ekarina Mayang Sari)
11.18 TAMBORA: Aiding Biodiversity Conservation by Enhancing Professional Capacities for Young Conservationists in Indonesia ( M.C. Sibarani, Ardiantono, P. Indrarini, S. Zahra, S.G. Aninta, H. Jayanto, P. Hioe, Nuruliawati, A.R. Junaid, and Sheherazade) Smoking Status, Cigarette Dependence, and Health-Related Quality of Life among Men in Yogyakarta, Indonesia ( Mentari Widiastuti and Susi Ari Kristina)
11.24 Engagement Model for Value Co-Creation between Government Services and It Start-Ups to Develop Better Public Services (Yogantara Dharmawan) White’s Cultural Invasion Through Beauty Myth in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye (Sulistyaningrum)
11.30 Challenges of Implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Construction Companies. (Yosi Agustiawan) Approaching Cultural Heritage Using Different Perspectives: Articulating the Global and Local Perspectives in Indonesia Cultural Heritage Discourse (Johannes Parlindungan)
11.36 Discussion Discussion
Parallel Talks and Discussion Session III
  Environment, Social, and International Studies in Indonesia Education and Learning
12.00 From Species Diversity to Ribbits: Why Frogs can be an Effective Tool to Monitor the Environment (Karlina Indraswari) Personalized Video Censorships (Jimmy, Daniel Hari Prasetyo and Budi Hartanto)
12.06 Assessment of Indonesian Land Redistribution Program Effectivity to Maintain Sustainability of Agriculture Indonesia Based on the Number of Land Redistribution Functions Within Ten Years in Central Java (Rosye Villanova Christine) Collaboration between Youth and The Role of Education in Neighborhoods Through Community-Based Alternative Education (Ngaglik Village Field Study, Sleman District, Yogyakarta) ( Winona Nur Annisaa and Zulfa Rahmaniati)
12.12 Socio-economic Assessment of Palm Kernel Oil in Indonesia (Ivan Imanuel Tumpak) The Cross-country Perspectives: The Comparative of Early Childhood Curriculum Documents between Australia and Indonesia Regarding the Value of Teachers-Families’ Relationship (Waode Eti Hardiyanti)
12.18 The Orangutan Project: Work and Contributions to Saving the Orangutan Population of Indonesia (Ray Ison, Pam Ison, Karlina Indraswari, and Riga Anggarendra)  Enhancing Children Interaction and Connection with Local Nature through Technology Co-design Approach (Riga Anggarendra)
12.24 Cooperation in Counter-terrorism: Indonesia-Philippines Cooperation Strategies to Overcome the Threat in Western Mindanao and Sulu-Celebes Sea (Aryo C.K. Wardana) Building Bridges: Communication Dynamics between Supervisors and HDR Students (Yusnita Febrianti, Prananda Navitas, Nuning Winaris)
12.30  Discussion Discussion
13.00 Lunch Break
14.00 Speech dari Dr. Beben Benjamin (Peneliti UQ) “Menuju Kolaborasi Riset dan Publikasi Unggulan: Peluang dan Tantangan”  –
15.00 Sambutan Presiden ISAQ  –
15.10 Sambutan dan penutupan acara oleh Konjen RI Sydney – Australia  –
15.30 Pembagian door prize dari ISAQ dan pengumuman pemenang voucher Sendok Garrpu  –
15.40 Afternoon tea

* To be confirmed